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Star Trek - location

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Godfather- film location

The Godfather is a 1972 film adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Mario Puzo, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. The film's story spans ten years from late 1945 to 1955. This movie is universally regarded as the definitive Mafia film. It is consistently ranked amongst the finest movies of all time. It is currently ranked as third best film by the American Film Institute, and, as of July 20, 2006, rated number one on the top 250 films on the Internet Movie Database with a 9.1/10 rating.
Since Corleone town in Sicily, Italy, was too developed in the early 70s to be used for filming Godfather, the Sicilian towns Savoca and Forza d'Agro outside of Taormina were used instead. This is where the church Michael was married in, is, and Bar Vitelli, too. Savoca is 39 km from Messina. Nearest railway station is Santa Teresa di Riva (6 km) and nearest airport is Catania (69 km).

Pink Panther - 2006. filming location

Remember Pink Panther movie plot? Start of film is in a stadium full of fans, just as Gluantís team has won a big game. Well, stadium scenes were filmed in Teplice, Czech Republic.

Bravehart - movie location

Location for Wallace's childhood village in Bravehart film, was Glen Nevis, beautiful Scottish valley. Village of Lanark placed near the Fort William, Scotland. Fort William is:105 miles north of Glasgow, 50 miles north of Oban, 145 miles from Edinburgh, 45 miles south-east of Mallaig and 65 miles south-west of Inverness. Access is from the roundabout as you leave Fort William. It's 9 miles away from it. Fort William is on the Glasgow to Mallaig train line.

Harry Potter - filming location

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the first two Harry Potter films, was Alnwick Castle, England, UK. Alnwick Castle is on the outskirts of Alnwick town. It is 35 miles north of Newcastle, 30 miles south of Berwick and 80 miles south of Edinburgh. Trains from London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh stop at Alnmouth, which is 5 miles from Alnwick.

The Da Vinci code - movie

Part of Da Vinci code movie was filmed in Holborn, London, Temple Church. One of the oldest buildings in London, this delightful round church is tucked away in a quiet courtyard, just yards from the hurly burly of busy Fleet Street to the north. The church was built by the Knights Templar when they moved their London headquarters here from Holborn in 1186. The Templars were founded in 1118 with the avowed mission of protecting Christian pilgrims journeying to Jerusalem. The order became enormously wealthy, and created monasteries across all of Europe. Here by the banks of the Thames, they built a small church and monastery. Eventually, their very wealth led to their downfall, as jealous monarchs moved to suppress the order. In 1324 the Templar's property here was given to the more prudent Knights Hospitallers of St John, and some of the monastery buildings were rented to law students for accommodation. The law connection flourished, and the area became known as The Temple, the haunt of London's legal profession. Middle Temple Walk divides the maze of buildings that make up the district into Middle Temple and Inner Temple.
El Juego Del Codigo Da Vinci/ The Da Vinci Code Game book

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life - film locations

"Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" Lara Croft in Gwynedd Wales movie was filmed on many locations arround the World. One of them is Alexandra Slate Quarry in Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom, Europe. Gwynedd is a county of north-west Wales and administrative centre of Gwynedd is Caernarvon. Another filming location is Santorini island in Greece. Santorini is famous with one of most spectacular landscapes in the Greese and probably the whole world. Santorini is located 70 nautical miles from Crete. Other Lara Crofts location from this movie are Hong Kong, Kenya and England.